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  • Diamond painting,also known as DIY diamond painting, is a combination of delicate shiny artificial crystal flat-based round or square diamonds and well-designed patterns.Painters only need to use a special pen to pick up the drills and then paste them to the corresponding symbols on the canvas.It only takes a few minutes to get started formally.

    Compared with the traditional cross-stitch,diamond painting is easy to operate and to get started.To complete a work of the same pattern and size,diamond painting requires only one tenth of the time of the cross stitch.What’s more,the final work of diamond painting shines more than that of cross stitch.

    It’s known that DIY spirit is actually a life attitude and a kind of leisure fun. More and more people are becoming the mainstream of this kind of entertainment.There is no difference either in age or gender,everyone loves DIY.DIY diamond painting technology just meets everyone's innermost preferences.