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    Love them I won’t absolutely buy 😌

    Haven’t finished yet but it’s going to look Awesome

    Autumn horse

    This is my wife’s favourite and has already been framed and hung.

    Masked Beauty Eyes

    I am so happy with the way my painting looked finished. The canvas is 1st class.....Am now onto the second one i ordered. Will definitely be ordering more in the future

    Bottle the sea

    I’m writing this review on behalf of my mother who is 90 years old. My mum Margaret has been doing diamond painting/dots for approximately 18 months now. She had mentioned she would like something different to do instead of animals, she was more looking for a sea scenery with a boat in the distance, so I went on line to search what might be available and mum really liked this design. It is such a wonderful hobby for her to fur fill her day. This is a great challenge for her, but she does love doing them.
    Regards Jenny

    Loved it

    Really loved watching the animals come to life.

    Mountain sky

    I love it. But it's hard to find a frame for it.

    Diamondpainting .club is the best

    I Highly recommend diamond painting club best customer service they get on top of things right away with no questions I recommend them to anyone there the best number one

    Delivered on time very happy with my purchase


    I bought 3 different Marilyn Monroe DP's and although I haven't finished them all yet I think they are great. They are gifts for my husband who is a huge Marilyn fan so he can't wait for them all to be finished and framed.

    Butterfly on Rose.

    I purchased this print for a friend of mine. She is delighted with it and anxious to commence it. As for me, I liked it also and am considering purchasing for me also.


    Very happy with product diamond paintings are a good way for nonartistic peop l e to make beautiful artworks

    Marilyn Monroe

    I haven’t finished the three Marilyn diamond paintings I bought but I have started. I am very happy with them though. I hung them up (pegs holding them onto wire coat hangers) and they straighten beautifully.


    Hi, I loved doing the diamond art of the Labrador dogs, my only complaint is that the dark blue in the background. The diamond pieces were stuck together and it slowed my process down. Overall very happy with the finished product. Haven’t done the other one yet.


    I had a bad accident with my first kitten. Dropped a piece of paper on the sticky bit, could not get it off. So I had to order second one. The second one is now at the post office, so I will start again. The picture is beautiful. Thankyou.

    Fire Dragon

    Beautiful almost finished

    Harry Potter dream deer

    It's ok. Kinda got bored of all the dark colours.

    Fantastic fun for everyone

    This is a very good way to spend time. I have done two panels so far, and am now doing the third. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable.
    Had one small problem. One packet of drills was the wrong colour, but have sorted it out by robbing them from other packets of the right colour.
    There is plenty of spares, so no real problem. The pictures are just lovely

    Love the ladies

    I finished this one and am now doing Lady Portrait. These kits are so sexy and bright. I have several friends that have
    seen the end result and want them. I only wish there were more and in different colors. Thank you.


    I love these dd's I get so much pleasure from them and they help me relax I love the horse picture so life like when finished will be getting more from your company keep up the good work.

    Love diamond art

    Best pictures ,love the colours and great customer support


    Quality of product is excellent, everything packaged beautifully, very quick delivery on items ordered. Would recommend this company highly.

    Castle at night

    Very close to the photo.Looks quite stunning.

    Love my Coffee ☕️

    The quality of this canvas is excellent. Delivery was quick and on time. I have only done a quarter of this canvas and it already looks amazing. Highly recommend this company.

    Blessed to have this work

    I'm ABSOLUTELY sold on the quality of the kit, let alone the BEAUTIFUL image I pour over for hour after wonderful hour😄😍! My ONLY suggestion is a clear protective film - I love to admire the work as I dot. The opaque protective film sadly covers it😢